Fet driver vs tube driver

The fet driver thickens up lead tones with musical, amplike distortion and sustain without the fragility and inconsistency associated with tubes. Mxr fet driver distortion guitar effect pedal for sale. The core of the pedal is a handselected 12ax7 tube which gives you a lovely sort of fuzzdrive sound than can sound amazingly smooth and textured in the hands of masters like david gilmour who still features 2 of these within his rig. He first used them in the recording sessions for pink floys the division bell album. This was mxrs successful version of the famous chandler tube driver used by eric johnson and david gilmour. Fundamentals of mosfet and igbt gate driver circuits. Those same sessions also resulted in the division bell companion album, pink floyds the endless river, which was not completed until 2015. Both of these pedals can be found at motor city guitar so call today. With the frequency dependent threshold of hearing set at 0db at 1khz, the established threshold of pain is actually at the 120db level. It also give you a 2 or 3 band eq depending vintage of the unit whereas the tube screamer only has a single tone control. Have you seen how much your original bk butler chandler tube driver units are getting on ebay. I guess a little more polite and cleaner sound if that makes sense. When i build a fet pedal i usually tweak to have the drains around half of the available voltage. A tube driver lets you dial in anything from a slight edginess to full blown tube saturation.

The fet has definitely earned a spot on my small board, but the tube driver is still great a great pedal and at some point may end up back on my big board. For an example of a mosfet driver, look at something like the microchip tc1426. Dover drive vs mxr fet driver circuit comparisons the. A constant current source ic 10m45 is the load for the driver tube, and an fet source follower is the current amplifier replacing the cathode follower. The mosfet does have some differences from a tube follower. You were making a limited run of 6 this year, any plans to mass produce them in the future. Unless the lm4702 is driven from higher supply rails, the maximum voltage swing with a mosfet. Please consider viewing in hd in order to maintain the most accurate sound. He used tube drivers extensively for his 2006 album on an island and the subsequent tour, heard on the. Bonamassa fet driver page 1 joes guitars, amps and. On the spring side, the ground ring and signal tube ringtrace are very close to each other.

One of these benefits is the ease of use of the mosfet devices in high frequency switching applications. I was hoping the fet driver would be able to give some nice smooth lead sounds ala ej but without the fuzziness of the ff. If youre looking you likely know as much as i do about this pedal. Mxr fet driver vs fuzz pedals fender stratocaster guitar. Ibanez ts9 tube screamer vs boss sd1 super overdrive battle of the screamers. An output pin of a microcontroller is usually adequate to drive a smallsignal logic level mosfet. The fet driver pedal is designed to thicken up lead playing, and its tones range from soft clipping to light distortion. Items must be returned in original, asshipped condition. Mxr fet driver this gets close to a chandler tube driver and you can get that eric johnson kind of lead tone with it. Mxr fet driver vs fuzz pedals discussion in the effect effect started by dexter74, jan 21, 2014. Following in the footsteps of the dunlop jb95 cry baby and jbf3 fuzz face is the mxr fet driver, which is based on joe bonamassas favourite chandler tube driver, as made famous by david gilmour and eric johnson. The dover, is aimed specifically towards eric johnson and the way he sets his tube driver. By clicking accept, you understand that we use cookies to improve your experience on our website. This item is sold asdescribed this item is sold asdescribed and cannot be returned unless it arrives in a condition different from how it was described or photographed.

I like how it can be a little fuzzy like the tube driver can be. How to sound like jimmy page of led zeppelin with pedals reverb potent pairings duration. It doesnt clean up as nice as my tube driver, and thats a disappointment. Mxr custom shop limited edition blue joe bonamassa fet driver overdrive pedal. Bonamassa fet driver page 2 joes guitars, amps and gear joe bonamassa forum the official forum for all things joe bonamassa, guitars and blues music. There is no chandler tube driver never was a chandler tube driver.

Home function module motor driver module high power dual mos tube transistor mosfet trigger switch driver module adjustable pwm regulator switch control dc 5v36v 400w. Butler tube driver famously used by david gilmour, eric johnson, billy gibbons and joe satriani to name a few. I cant speak about the new fet driver, but i think comparisons between a ts808 and a tube driver arent really going to hold upcompletely different tone and eq tube drivers are not at all midrangey, where tube screamers have that iconic midrange emphasis and low end countour. Jb mxr fet driver vs sparkle drive mod the gear page. Signal chain epiphone 1961 ri casino mxr fet driver. Picked up a jb fet driver from forum member fm1968 and was able to plug it in today. The fet driver is closer to the way davids using the tube driver, with the ability to shape the tone more than the dover. With a range spanning from single to halfbridge and multiplechannel drivers rated for either low or highvoltage up to 1500 v applications, st also offers galvanicallyisolated gate driver ics for safety and functional requirements, systeminpackage sip solutions integrating high and lowside gate drivers and mosfet based power stages. A mosfet driver ic like the icl7667 you mentioned translates ttl or cmos logical signals, to a higher voltage and higher current, with the goal of rapidly and completely switching the gate of a mosfet. You just heard the joe bonamassa fet driver from the mxr custom shop. I tried the mxr for a bit awhile ago, but never got anything out of it i liked, even with the so called ej setting. High power dual mos tube transistor mosfet trigger switch driver module adjustable pwm regulator switch control dc 5v36v 400w. The tube driver has a high output impedance, which is not ideal and im assuming the mosfet driver would too, so would it be prudent to put a k style buffer on the output.

The mosfet driver is based on the legendary bk butler tube driver. This unique pedal gets a thick attack and smooth, amp like saturation by using a mix of opamp and fet. High power dual mos tube transistor mosfet trigger switch. This gives you neardirectdrive performance limited mostly by your battery, led, and connections with the ability to still use lower power levels. Mxr is one of those companies that is not swayed by the digital world. Demo of the mxr fet driver guitar pedal from harmon music. I thought, that sparkle drive is tsbased opbased pedal with clean blend and newest version, looks like has some tweaks with clipping stages, and maybe some other things on the one side and mxr is fet based overdrive to mimic tube driver sound. So, you also need the mosfet driver to increase the drive voltage as well as the current. We can also hear subtle differences in music passages that are db down from the highest signals. Anyone tried both and can offer a sound comparison between the two. A pair of adjustablebias mosfet gain stages take the place of the 12ax7 vacuum tube, otherwise the.

Direct drive drivers, like fet drivers, are the ideal solution for maximum peak output from matched emitter and battery combinations, such as 2 lithiumion cells in series driving a 6v emitter such as an mtg2 or xhp5070 or a single lithiumion cell driving a 3v emitter such as an xpl or xml2. When the driver tube is saturated, the mosfet follower is still happily linear. The fet can operate at a bias current of 20 to 100ma much more than a vacuum tube cathode follower which insures a low driving impedance for the output tube. Also every project ive built with bs170 mosfets seems to have a higher noise floor than any opamp, fet or npn transistor projects ive done, is this normal. The fet driver thickens up lead tones with musical, amplike distortion and sustain without the. In the simulation examples given the gate drive used is 15v. Fundamentals of mosfet and igbt gate driver circuits the popularity and proliferation of mosfet technology for digital and power applications is driven by two of their major advantages over the bipolar junction transistors. In a sea of fancy boutique pedals that seek to replicate some amp or some other musthave tone, the new fet driver is a seemingly basic overdrive pedal that many might overlook. Mosfet drivers what are they and why do we need them. Bonamassa fet driver page 2 joes guitars, amps and.

This unique pedal gets a thick attack and smooth, amp like saturation by using a mix of opamp and fet components. An obvious drawback of driving a mosfet output stage compared to a bjt output stage with the lm4702 is the loss of voltage swing relative to the supply rails. A tube screamer is best suited to pushing the front end of a tube amp into a nice singing lead type overdrive think srv. David gilmour has been an avid tube driver user since around 1993. That is a dual mosfet driver that will drive up to 1. Running it with the bass and treble almost all the way off how ej runs the tube driver and it is nailing that lead tone. Id be running the fet driver into a dirty amp already though so i dont think that would yield the results i want based on what you guys have said. Featuring a unique circuit design, the mxr fet driver captures the rich, creamy sound of an overdriven tube amplifier by cascading an opamp gain stage into a fet stage. This is a direct drive driver with an ultra low resistance fet. The mosfet will still be linear when the preceeding plate has bottomed out. The 75 gives an ultraefficient moonlight and low mode, with the fet providing neardirectdrive performance limited mostly by your battery, led, and connections on the higher power levels. The host battery tube bore to the head and mechanical components like the signal tube, driver pocket, driver retainer ring, would need to be very precise in fit and alignmenti would think, from experience, it was one of the problemsdraw backs of the novatac lights that used this same style spring.

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