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Joseph owned and operated earth inspired products, a company that built decorative fountains, and summer was a licensed real estate agent. However, the nature of these videos, means i rely on news outlets, speculations of investigators, journalists and family members. The author of a book on the mcstays the family of four who. Seans done a very good blog entry recapping the disappearances of the mcstay family. Joseph mcstays father says he suspects three people in familys 2010 disappearance, murders. The four mcstay bodies were found buried in two graves. Them bones by carolyn haines is a 1999 bantam publication. Mcstays taken too soon contains facts and evidence along with family information not seen on the tv programs or in newspaper and magazine articles. I finished the book in an afternoon, and most definitely learned much i had not previously known about the family. The video footage is inconclusive even family and friends disagree over whether or not that was really them in the grainy video not to mention the fact that you can only see the backs of their heads. The series borrows the name of the books heroine, temperance bones brennan. Earlier this year, the fallbrook family was the subject of a book titled, no.

A motion filed in san bernardino superior court on nov. Earlier this week, authorities discovered the remains of joseph and summer mcstay buried in a shallow grave in the mojave desert. Author of mcstay book claims drug cartels were not involved in the. The book, while tragic in its content, is easy to read and patrick does an excellent good job setting things straight. Author of book on mcstay family shares his theory he wrote a book on the mcstay case, but an investigative author is expressing shock over the tragic new twist in the case. Nine years after the mcstay family disappeared, their accused killer heads to trial joseph and summer mcstay are pictured with their children joseph jr 3, front, and gianni, 4. Chase merritt to face trial in slayings of mcstay family. On february 4, 2010, the mcstay family of four mysteriously vanished f. Mcstay had expressed her discomfort with ever travelling to mexico because of the crime rate. Sean munger writes about mcstay family the charley. Thanks to the author and goodreads for the free reading copy. There have been no phone calls, text messages or emails from the family.

Bodies confirmed as missing san diego family us news. In the past three years, the fbi, homeland security, interpol, the mexican federales, as well as numerous national missing persons agencies have all investigated this disappearance to no avail. The 2005 fox television series bones is inspired by reichs life and writing. The mcstay family joseph, 40, his wife, summer, 43, and their sons gianni, 4, and joseph jr. Sarah booth, from mississippi, and born into old money, is haunted by her great, great, grandmothers nanny, has defied southern tradition all her life. In the book, i suggested that summer may have killed joey and fled to south america.

See more ideas about nancy grace, joseph and missing family. The mcstay family had been found but what happened to joseph mcstay, 40, his 43yearold wife, summer, and sons gianni, 4, and joseph jr. Mcstay carefully documented his journey and his frustrations in getting law enforcement to listen to him. Pacific distributing was created in 1987 with the publication of my wifes first book. This was about 35% of all the recorded mcstays in the uk. Bones of missing joseph mcstay and family found in. The couple, along with their two young sons, gianni and joseph jr. The mcstay familys disappearance remained a mystery for four years, generating widespread public interest and fueling gossip about what happened to the family, the most popular being that the. Kscalled birt and his name appears in letters to sarah e. In 2010, joseph mcstay age 40 and his wife summer age 43 lived in fallbrook, california, with their sons gianni age 4 and joseph jr. My more recent blog post about that discovery is here. Josephs father patrick mcstay said he believes the other bones belong to his.

The mcstay case the murder of a family of four nears its end teri figueroa. The four were then moved by the killer and buried in a shallow grave in the desert but their remains werent found until 20. The familys young dog, a puppy when they disappeared, is being cared for by a friend. On february 4, 2010, the mcstay family of four mysteriously vanished from their southern california home. At that time, no one knew what happened to the family.

Mcstay family mystery solved, suspect arrested and charged. Our students would ask about purchasing it from us and then request other books that were mentioned in our classes. The fate of the mcstay family remained a mystery for nearly five years. More than four years later, charles chase merritt was arrested and charged with four counts of murder. Lancashire had the highest population of mcstay families in 1891.

Fliers with color photos of the missing mcstay family handed out by family on saturday april 3, 2010, in san ysidro. The author moves readers along to the fateful outcome of his beloved family. Charles merritt appears for closing arguments in the murder trial of the mcstay family of four at the san bernardino justice center in san bernardino, calif. When investigators analyzed the scene, they discovered more bones and.

Over 50,000 copies sold, only one wanted their money back. Bones of mysteriously missing family found in mojave three. I understand that all of my information may not be correct. After the mcstay family remains were discovered, i offered refunds to anyone who had purchased no goodbyes. Customs and border protection video, investigators stated the video didnt show the family seeking help and there were no signs of forced entry at the mcstay home in fallbrook, about 70 miles north. The most mcstay families were found in the uk in 1891. Bones found in mojave desert are toddler sons of mcstay couple. Authorities believed they spotted the mcstay family crossing by foot into mexico on surveillance camera video at the san ysidro customs stop, just south of san diego, on february 8, 2010.

The mcstay family went missing for more than three years from their fallbrook. Mcstay murder case moves to trial, but questions remain. A whole family vanished on february 4, 2010 from their home in fallbrook, ca. On november 8, 2014, police made an arrest in the mcstay case. After the mcstay family remains were discovered, i offered refunds to anyone. In february 2010, joseph, 40, summer, 43, gianni, 4, and joseph mateo, 3, vanished without a trace. Dental records were used to identify the remains of joseph mcstay, 40, and his wife summer, 43, who were reported missing from the san diego area in february 2010 along with their two children, police said last week. In 1891 there were 35 mcstay families living in lancashire. The mcstay family 40yearold joseph, his 43yearold wife, summer, and their sons gianni, 4, and joseph jr. Mcstay farmily patriarch patrick is providing the truth in his book, mcstays. Mcstay family didnt stay safe in their own home killers. Cellphone data, questionable quick books activity, gaps when. The mcstay family in 2010, in fallbrook, california, the mcstay family including joseph mcstay, his wife summer, and their two children, was brutally murdered. On november 15, authorities confirmed that human remains have been found which have been identified as the mcstay family.

Two sets of bones found in shallow graves in mojave desert are toddler sons of mcstay couple who vanished four years ago. Joseph mcstay, his wife summer, and their two small boys gianni and joseph jr. Summer was born virginia lisa aranda, and had also been known as summer martelli. More than three years after the family disappeared, the remains of mcstay, 40.

The disappearance of the mcstay family on february 4 2010 from their home in the middleclass san diego suburb of fallbrook has spawned books and documentaries after police entered the house to. The mcstay family name was found in the usa, the uk, canada, and scotland between 1840 and 1920. Bodies confirmed as missing san diego family this article is more than 6 years old remains found in shallow graves in california desert are those of. Charles chase merritt is charged with four counts of murder in the death of the mcstay family in california. Joseph mcstay, 40, his wife summer, 43, and their two sons, gianni, 3, and joseph, 3, were discovered dead in shallow graves just north of victorville on nov.

May 9, 2015 i want justice for joseph, summer, gianni, joseph jr. Jurors visit desert gravesite where remains of missing. The mcstay family, who lived in fallbrook, vanished on february 4, 2010. Prosecutors pushing for the death penalty for mcstay family murder suspect charles chase merritt can use one family photo of the victims during trial, a san bernardino superior court judge. Radio host rick baker published a book, no goodbyes. Mcstay genealogy, mcstay family history geni family tree. The bones, which appeared to have been dug up by animals, led investigators to a pair of shallow graves nearby, where two bodies were found. Nine years after the mcstay family disappeared, their. Merritt is accused of killing his former business associate, joseph mcstay, mcstay s wife summer, and their two small children on feb. A 3pound stanleybrand sledgehammer, the suspected murder weapon, was found in one of the graves, and the skeletal remains indicated the mcstay family had suffered multiple bone fractures to the. The mcstay familys vehicle, a white 1996 isuzu trooper, was found abandoned. The mystery of the familys whereabouts lasted nearly four years. My book no goodbyes is being sold here on amazon without my permission. They thought the remaining bones were likely to be their two young sons.

Mcstay s taken too soon contains facts and evidence along with family information not seen on the tv programs or in newspaper and magazine articles. Joseph mcstay lived with his wife, summer, and their two young sons. Evidence against mcstay family murder suspect charles. The fate of the mcstay family, whose fallbrook home showed signs of a swift departure, gripped the country and long baffled police, who initially treated the. The mcstay family mysteriously vanished from their home in fallbrook, california on february 4, 2010. As in the books, brennan emily deschanel is a forensic anthropologist.

Summer mcstays mom has the familys older dog at her big bear home. Missing mcstay family bodies found in desert near victorville the. Bodies confirmed as missing san diego family raw story. People v charles merritt hearing to unseal warrants in mcstay family murders duration. After days passed and no one could contact the family, josephs brother climbed through an open window to discover an empty house save the two family dogs which had been. San bernardino judge allows generic mcstay family photo. Charles merritt has been charged with the murder of the family. I also think it is worth noting that i hope the resolution does finally come, for patrick and the rest of the mcstay family, but most especially for those beautiful little boys who deserve justice. Family bones volumes 1 and 2 are comics based on the lives of ray and faye copeland, the oldest american couple ever sentenced to death though fayes death sentence was later converted to life in prison. As we made these books available to our students, their friends began to call us requesting the same books.

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